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In the second book of "The Adventures of Rocky with Holly & Harry" series, join Rocky, Holly, and Harry on a sunny beach adventure! When Rocky invites them to explore the beach, the trio eagerly grabs their gear and, with a bit of magic, find themselves transported to a world of fun and discovery.


As they explore rock pools teeming with fascinating sea creatures, they encounter a hermit crab living in an unusual home – a discarded plastic cup. With kindness and ingenuity, Harry helps the hermit crab find a new, cozy shell. Through this heartwarming story, children learn about the importance of caring for the environment and the wonders of marine life.


Celebrate the spirit of adventure, friendship, and environmental stewardship in this delightful tale, perfect for young readers. And as a sweet ending, discover what special treat Rocky has in store for his friends!


The Adventures of Rocky with Holly & Harry: Exploring the Beach

PriceFrom $14.95
Just in time for Christmas!
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