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Our book series, guided by the theme "Nothing is boring when you are exploring,"
is designed to captivate young minds and little hearts.

Simple, charming stories that encourage young readers to look at, or explore the world around them to find things of interest.

Harry standing on rocks


Through the tales of Rocky and his friends, we invite children to dream big and explore their imaginations. Our books are designed to spark a little wonder and creativity and encourage children to explore the world around them.


Exploration and discovery is at the core of our series. We invite young readers to join Rocky and his friends on new journeys, often learning little life lessons along the way. Every book is a mini adventure waiting to be explored.

Join us on this journey, where every story is an adventure, and nothing is boring when you are exploring!


Read with a parent or guardian the Rocky stories are designed to allow children to feel like they can go anywhere and do anything with Rocky by their side.

Inspired by author Paul Carpenter's own children, our books embrace the joys of sibling adventures, fostering a sense of togetherness and love.


The educational value is gently woven throughout the stories with each book containing a fun, interactive component at the end to help reinforce the learning.

Rocky, Holly & Harry looking into a rockpool

Paul Carpenter

Author & Illustrator

Paul Carpenter, a former advertising creative, draws inspiration from his childhood in the UK where children's TV shows were hand-drawn frame by frame with simple, honest stories and charming characters like Mary, Mungo Midge, Danger Mouse, Mr. Benn, Captain Pugwash, Paddington Bear, and Ivor the Engine.

Paul, who moved to Australia over 30 years ago, fully embraces Australian Christmas traditions but still reminisces about a UK Christmas with snow, snowmen, and a family snowball fight before hot porridge and tea for breakfast.

"Adventures of Rocky with Holly & Harry" is a charming children's book with an Australian twist on the conventional snowman. Created by Paul for his children, Rocky takes them on magical adventures. Perfect for early readers.

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